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Change Management

Systemic approach. Sustainable design. Successful transformation.

Leadership Development

Lateral leadership. Comprehensive facilitation. Team development.


Executive coaching. Mindfulness training. Train-the-trainer.

What drives us

Developing Abilities

What makes companies successful in today’s global market?


Excellent products, cutting edge technologies and optimal processes come to mind? We absolutely agree!


However, there is a unique ability companies need in order to achieve excellence: The ability to reinvent themselves, to check routines against realities and discard them if they are no longer useful, to ask questions, where answers seem so obvious, to look at something familiar from a different angle and discover new possibilities.


Stay able to remake yourself!

Exploring Potential

Organisational Consulting Klinger (OC Klinger) can accompany you on the venture to obtain these abilities.


We advise leaders and companies who are keen to identify their potential as well as develop and make optimal use of it.


OC Klinger leverages the many years of our organisational consulting and coaching experience in order to sharpen your view and advance the implementation of your strategy. Our consultants strive to be a source of inspiration, architects as well as companions on your journey to develop high competency in identifying fit-for-purpose solutions.


Be the change you want to see!

Contact us

Interested to learn more?


Please contact us via the contact form or simply send an email to info@klinger-consulting.com.


We look forward to talking to you.



Inis-Janine Klinger